“What do you do when the generational curse of divorce, abandonment,
and betrayal starts with you? How do you cope?”


Stripping off all fears and uncertainties, author Loretta (La-Rue’) Duncan-Fowler walks back to a darkened past to bring inspiration to readers. Immerse in a collection of poems, prose, and short stories that chronicles one woman’s journey to finding real happiness as she lives a life In Search of a Father’s Love..

Childhood was anything but normal for the author. At the age of five, she found herself begging for her father not to abandon her. The incident only marked the beginning of the many trials she had to face. After being sexually molested, getting pregnant, having miscarriage, abusive husbands and incestuous relationships later, she finally opened her heart to find the sanctuary that she deserved. In her unending search for her father, she realizes that the one salvation that she truly needed had always been inside her, within her heart. Through poignantly crafted poems and prose, coupled with Bible verses, La-Rue’ relives in this edifying book how she stepped out from the darkness and found the Faith to do more than survive she thrives!

In Search of a Father’s Love offers soothing words dedicated to the lost soul and the confused heart. It inspiringly chronicles one woman’s turbulent journey from misery, pain, anger, and lost which eventually leads to self-love, forgiveness, and redemption.